I have a custom hand made Brass 4 bladed 4.5" prop, which I have to say is a piece of art & really impressed with the craftsmanship. The Propshaft is 8mm made of Stainless steel which sits inside a 12.5mm Brass Tube with bearings either end and also has an oiler to help make packing the grease inside simple, it's coupled to the motor using a reinforced safety coupling.

First thing I did was use some 8mm wooden dowel along with a cardboard cutout of the prop & rudder so I could get the measurements for the shaft length ready to cut. The next step was to couple the shaft to the motor using the coupling.

At this point I securely fit a bracket to the shaft tube using JB Marine Weld & made a small box area in the hull underneath it where the bottom of the bracket sat, this box was then filled with U-POL P40 Body Filler. Once this set I then added a layer of Gorilla 2-Part Epoxy Resin to seal it & this secured the bracket in place. I also used U-POL P40 Body Filler to seal the hole where the shaft enters the hull & again I used Gorilla 2-Part Epoxy Resin to seal it.