I fixed the two sections of the superstructure using nut/bolts on the underside & also some Gorilla (Clear) Glue then using clamps to keep the parts tight while the glue sets. I then had to trim the bottom edge of superstructure so it sits on the deck flush, this took some time to get the superstructure to sit flush on deck.

I made the cabin out of 5mm ply, it was a little tricky to get it to sit flush on the deck, but after a lot of sanding, it now sits nice & flush with the deck! I decided to make the door for the cabin open/close using tiny hinges. I made the portholes which will be fitted to the superstructure using Brass & Copper rings, I then fixed some miniature brass nuts in place to replicate the fasteners using Gorilla Superglue Gel & I used frosted acrylic sheet to simulate the glass. To finish them off I just need to add handles at the 6 o'clock position which I will fabricate using thin brass rod. Each porthole measures around 30mm diameter.

I made the mast using some 12mm Dowel which i sanded down to get the shape, I then used some brass tubing for the end of mast to make a plug that slots into the front cabin of superstructure where i also fixed a piece of brass tubing for the mast to plug into.